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Numbers don’t lie: 4 statistics that’ll keep you from drinking by the pool

Here are four startling facts that prove you're treading water when consuming alcohol around the pool.

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Can you get the flu from swimming pools?

People who own pools should be extra careful this flu season because the CDC predicted it's going to be harsher than previous years. 

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You can work out in water without getting your hair wet

Try this exercise and you won't have to stress about your hair getting wet during a pool workout. 

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A shocking pool can be hazardous

Electric shock is a pool hazard that shouldn't be overlooked. 

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Can you hang Christmas lights around the pool?

Do you know the safety guidelines to hanging Christmas lights around the exterior of your home? 

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4 tips for hosting a safe and fun New Year’s pool party

The only caveat of a New Year's Eve pool party is safety, but with these four tips you can throw a bash that your friends won't soon forget.

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Are you properly treating a sunburn?

There are ways to treat a sunburn that can make the pain more bearable.

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Is it safe to try on swimsuits?

Bathing suit liners don't do much to protect you from germs when you're swim suit shopping. 

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What’s a pool doing in the Mojave Desert?

An artist put a pool in the Mojave Desert, see just how far people  would go to take a swim. 

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Can you become infected with Ebola from swimming?

The recent headlines regarding the Ebola virus may have you concerned about your chances of becoming infected through a swimming pool. Here's the truth about your chances of contracting the virus from swimming. Ebola, according to the Center for Disease Control, is not transferable through every day activities such as grocery shopping, walking around in [...]