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Thanksgiving Service Schedule 2013

Poolman will be closed on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Your pool service may run a day ahead or behind schedule so please ensure access to your backyard. All pools will be serviced no later than Wednesday, November 27th. Have a great holiday!

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Poolman collects supplies for annual troop donations

This is Poolman's second year sending troop donations overseas. The Poolman care package is scheduled to arrive in time for Memorial Day. This year, troop donations will be going to Afghanistan. Poolman is in the process of collecting donations. If you would like to contribute, leave your troop donations by your pool skimmer between April 22nd and May 3rd. Poolman will make sure your gift gets to our soldiers overseas.

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Poolman Celebrates Five Year Anniversary of Free Salt System Offer

In order to get five weeks of free simply chemical go to poolman.com/refer-a-friend and enter the promo code 5YearSalt. Offer is good from March 15, 2013 to April 15, 2013. The largest pool service and pool renovation company in Phoenix is celebrating its fifth year anniversary of providing free salt systems to pools on service. [...]

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Seasons Greetings from Poolman

Poolman just wanted to wish their customers and employees a safe and happy holiday season! We love spending time with our Poolman family around the holidays, so we made this video "A year of Poolman: Holidays are best spent together" to show how our Poolman team makes the year fun!

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Annual Poolman Food Drive

It's that time of year again! Poolman is doing their Annual Food Drive for St. Catherine's Church and we're looking to collect donated food on our daily pool routes. All Poolman Arizona customers can participate easily by leaving their canned food donations in their backyard by their pool equipment. We will be collecting food from [...]

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Poolman repair team improves Texas backyard

Clearly Poolman in Mansfield, Texas had a customer with an eye sore in his backyard. Over time, flooding and shifting had twisted his pool equipment and threatened to affect the functionality of his filtration system. The Poolman repair team stepped in and took care of every part of the process. "Their equipment slab had suffered [...]

Customer Coupons | Pool Service and Parts

As a Poolman customer, you get the benefit of receiving monthly coupons for services and parts that our often necessary to keep your pool working properly. Here are the customer coupons for February. Visit poolman.com/coupon and click on the coupon name under your location to download a printable pdf. Be sure to mention the coupon [...]

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Happy New Year from Poolman

Poolman wants to wish our customers and readers a heartfelt happy New Year. As 2011 winds down, the New Year is a time for resolutions and fresh starts. And even though most of our customers experience mild winters, we know that those warmer months by the pool are on everyone's mind. In the New Year, we [...]

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New environmentally-friendly water parks make a splash with kids, adults

  Staying ahead of the trend curve is vital for any business. For owners of water parks and swimming facilities, new interactive and environmentally-friendly water attractions should be considered to maintain a property's appeal. Salty's Cove, a $600,000 water attraction for kids that can be constructed at any facility, is the latest in good [...]

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Poolman sponsors needy families in Phoenix

The holidays are a time for us to reflect on the multitude of blessings we have been bestowed, but more importantly it is a time for giving to those who are less fortunate. Every holiday season, Poolman works with a local church and sponsors at least one needy family in the south Phoenix [...]