Enjoy a salt water pool system in your pool!

Create a serene spa experience in your backyard with a Salt chlorine generator from Poolman.

The Poolman family believes in long lasting, high quality relationships and our investment in your swimming pool experience is our way of proving it.   Our Premium Plus service plan includes use of our salt water pool system when you are a Poolman APP service customer!

Salt System Benefits

  • Provides a soft water bathing atmosphere
    Have you ever had soaked in Epsom salts?  Salt water is soft and soothing and will moisturize your skin and hair.
  • Moisturizes dry skin, protects hair color, and reduces eye irritation
    Ask anybody who has experienced a salt chlorinated pool and they will tell you that swimming with your eyes open is comfortable and truly enjoyable.
  • Reduces algae blooms and improves water quality
    Salt water pool systems create chlorine on demand, so it only makes what you need. Nothing more, and nothing less.  This is the beauty of salt chlorination system.
  • Preserves the environment
    Reduces our need to carry chlorine gas on our vehicles or place chlorine tabs that are potentially harmful to the environment if not used properly.
  • Water conservation
    A pool salt system keeps your water cleaner and more sanitary requiring less draining.

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