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Elvis EstradaElvis Estrada
16:16 14 Oct 21
Great pool company at a great price. Can’t go wrong.
Tim HTim H
21:06 13 Aug 21
They are impossible to get ahold of in their office. Voicemail full no one answering phones.
Tiffany StevensonTiffany Stevenson
17:08 10 Aug 21
I'm not really familiar with how they are in general but my mom, Mary Jane, tried them & while she's been frustrated, I absolutely 100% love Terry. He is THE NICEST man ever. Each week I hope he is who shows up! He really reminds me of like a father figure. I don't mean because of his age but because of how he treats me. Like we talked like family. He likely doesn't feel that way 😆 but I think he's awesome.
Jakob LendersJakob Lenders
13:02 15 Jul 21
Easy enough experience getting signed up and contracts signed. Once that happened, nothing. The team was supposed to put me on the schedule for Thursday, no one showed up. 2 storms and a week and a half later my pool is turning green. Have called the office 5+ times, no one answers. Email. No one answers. I’m trying to give you my money!!Totally willing to edit this review if things get turned around. So far, very bad experience.
Janet NelsonJanet Nelson
13:14 19 Jun 21
Very good and reliable. I would use them again in the future is needed.

Poolman Las Vegas

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Christina PariseChristina Parise
15:30 15 Apr 22
We have had pool service with poolman for several years and the customer service has always been questionable/rude but the pool cleaning and repairs were consistent and of good quality.The last few years both have declined but we love the salt/soft water system we have through them so we deal with the inconsistent service days/cleaning and poor customer service.The last 2 months have been absolutely horrible. No communication from the office, technicians not showing up weeks in a row, and now we can't get answers on our weekly scheduled pool service. One of their Arizona offices is trying to assist in the issues, which is nice, but no results as of yet since the Vegas office is overwhelmed.Hopefully they figure out their issues soon.
Kelly AKelly A
20:36 04 Apr 22
I have been using this company for years, but the last year has been awful. They don’t show up to clean at all, don’t answer the phones and they don’t get back to you. No communication at all. I can’t even get a hold of them to cancel my autopay or my service. They are basically stealing money from me and I get nothing for it. Terrible company, definitely AVOID!
Jennifer WellsJennifer Wells
19:39 28 Mar 22
We have been using Poolman for a few years now and over the last few months our service has been mostly non-existent with no-communication or all back/return emails. Our pool and jacuzzi are literally "green" and unusable. Our regular service man (who was wonderful) has resigned, and even though we have reached out numerous times by telephone and email, we still have not heard from anyone in Las Vegs to advise us when we will have service and what our new schedule is. While we understand the growing pains a change in ownership, no communication and leaving your customers in the dark for over 2 months is unacceptable.
Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor
02:24 01 Oct 21
Have used them for 20 years and 3 houses. They are the best
That One GuyThat One Guy
19:22 31 Jul 21
My family has been using this service for years. The company has been phenomenal. Unfortunately in these past months we've had some many problems. With no shows, calling the office to get a service man, and never getting a response from the office. It just isn't worth the money or time. It's unfortunate that a company standards have fallen so low.

Poolman Phoenix

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Cathy RojoCathy Rojo
16:18 13 Apr 22
I was happy with this company until this January 2022 they suggested I drain my pool to address the chem levels.. So I did I agree to the charge. Once the pool was drain and refilled is when my problem started there where to many to list. No communicates between department, was double charge for the pool draining. Well not return calls or reply to email. Finally I get my April bill with no adjustment to my monthly charge give to me after I paid my March service bill. They also included their Annual Conditioner Fee which I paid in June of 2021. I tried to get in touch with a number of people but no called me back. I received a message from my pool Tech this morning who does my weekly service that he was not able to access my pool as there was lock on the gate. So this company did not even bother to let their employee know that I had terminate their service... This is no way to treat their customers or employee..
Mary WhaleyMary Whaley
23:50 28 Mar 22
Poolman has been great, they are helpful when I have questions which is quite often since I don't know anything about pools. They take great care of my pool.
Steven HarveySteven Harvey
22:42 22 Mar 22
5 out of the last 6 weeks I have called the office after my pool guy left. Absolutely the worst pool cleaner I've ever had. Management refuses to do anything about this. Claims he vacuums the pool when in fact he doesn't, claims he brushes when in fact he hardly ever does, says that he empties the skimmer baskets when in fact he does not. Definitely not worth the money at all. Stay away from this place!
Samantha FesslerSamantha Fessler
23:05 04 Mar 22
We have been using Poolman for the past 7 years. There has never been a challenge that wasn't easily resolved. The entire staff is quick to help and kind. I have also had the opportunity to talk to the owner a few times; he is extremely professional and fair.I also wanted to take a moment to compliment our service technician, Jesse, for all the hard work and attention to detail. It doesnt go unnoticed.
Todd HirtTodd Hirt
17:48 09 Nov 21
Hi reader!Quick overview: (if you want to skip the detail paragraphs)Jon, a repair technician of Poolman, is the main reason for my 5 stars. Although, Poolman itself has a great platform and ease of scheduling, the most important part of a business like this is their customer service and knowledge at the ground level. Jon provided that and beyond!Anyway, I moved into property that came with a pool. I love the idea of the pool and I sure love when my friends have a pool! Somewhere I can go hang out, maybe enjoy a BBQ and then leave without having to worry about the bacteria we just bombed our friend's pool with. For example, it is kind of like being a Auntie or Uncle. It's nice to spend time with the nephews and nieces knowing that they are not on my watch 24/7.So, needless to say, I was pretty neutral on owning a home with a pool because of the maintenance required. However, thanks to Jon from Poolman, I am much more comfortable in how to maintain my pool. Not only that, but Jon came out and gave fairly priced estimates on some repairs that I don't feel comfortable with.In summary:Poolman services are great as far as I can tell. But depending on the service technician someone may receive may be the cause of negative reviews I've read here. That being said, I cannot emphasize enough how thorough Jon was in his inspection and estimates of my pool!

Poolman San Diego

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Tim OlsonTim Olson
07:21 12 Oct 21
I strongly do NOT recommend Poolman San Diego (they are actually headquartered in Phoenix, AZ). They are poorly managed, especially in San Diego. They have high turnover, and keep unprofessional employees (why don’t they leave?). Poolman likes to blame the customer for their mistakes, and if that doesn’t work, they will blame COVID. I finally filed a complaint with the CA Contractors State License Board (CSLB) against Poolman San Diego for their unprofessional work, and my complaint is still active (they could care less). They promised to pay me as a settlement for their numerous mistakes (I have it in writing), but that was just another one of their lies. Although Poolman has competitive prices, the headache of working with them is NOT worth it. Go somewhere else!!!
Mandi HarrisMandi Harris
16:59 05 Apr 21
They do a great job with my pool. Thank you!
Mike LewisMike Lewis
21:13 29 Oct 19
These guys were awesome. Very professional and accommodating. I Needed a valve installed quickly And they were extremely accommodating. Very honest as well. They made a suggestion that would save me money and they would actually make less money. That's very rare these days. Thanks again.
Thierry LerondThierry Lerond
13:57 23 Oct 19
very good service!
Nancy SmithNancy Smith
15:15 29 Feb 16
Great Company with excellent service. They offer free salt systems to their Customers on Service,never heard of a Company do that before. What a great money saver for us!