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Enjoy Your Pool Year Round By Using a Gas Heater or Heat Pump!

Enjoy Your Pool Year Round By Using a Gas Heater or Heat Pump! While the majority of swimming pool use is during the summer months, you can swim year round with a properly functioning heater or heat pump. Making sure that your gas heater or heat pump is in good working order year round will [...]

Prevent Drownings | National Water Safety Month

In honor of National Water Safety Month, we will be featuring weekly water safety articles that provide insight into important information regarding swimming pool safety. By Sabraya Ghale Safety Director, American Pool Enterprises, Inc. Do you own a swimming pool or hot tub? If not, do any of your friends, family or neighbors own one? Do [...]

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New environmentally-friendly water parks make a splash with kids, adults

  Staying ahead of the trend curve is vital for any business. For owners of water parks and swimming facilities, new interactive and environmentally-friendly water attractions should be considered to maintain a property's appeal. Salty's Cove, a $600,000 water attraction for kids that can be constructed at any facility, is the latest in good [...]

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Report says water challenges will test Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) — A university think tank's new report says Arizona hasn't ignored its water needs, but a return of rapid population growth to desert cities will test the state, forcing consideration of significant changes in lifestyle, particularly for affluent residents. Some of those decisions could hit close to home for both current and new residents [...]

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Exercise Enthusiasts Turn to Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic Exercise Many exercise enthusiasts have turned to aquatic exercise.  Aquatic exercise is an activity that millions of people are engaging in and it is gaining in popularity.   It is easy on your knee joints and back, and has been used in sports rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation for years, but it has now entered the [...]

Pool Water Tips | Keeping things level

Be sure to always maintain the water level in your pool up to the middle of the skimmer box opening. This is the level where the swimming pool skimmers operate most efficiently. If your water level gets too low, your pump will draw air and run dry which will cause damage to your equipment. If your [...]

How long and when to run your swimming pool

As long as there is water in your pool, you must run your system once a day in order to properly circulate and filter all the water in a 24 hr period. Poolman recommends you run your system at nighttime between the hours of 9pm and 7am. In the summer months, we recommend running your pool [...]

Reduce your electricity bill with a new pool pump

If you're one of the many pool owners in Arizona, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy. But did you know that your pool may be one of the largest consumers of electricity in your house? To help you save energy, APS and SRP are now offering rebates [...]

A dip in a swimming pool turns actress’ hair green

After a quick dip in a improperly balanced pool, actress Jennifer Ellison got quite a surprise when her long blond locks turned a wicked-witch green. An English actress, glamor model, television personality, dancer and singer, Ellison was not happy with unrequested make-over. If the swimming pool had been equipped with a Salt Water Chlorination System, [...]

Pool Industry Feels the Strain of Drain Recall

By Rebecca Robledo | Pool & Spa News The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s far-reaching drain-cover recall is the largest in industry history. The action “[affects] hundreds of thousands of pools,” said Scott Wolfson, CPSC’s public affairs director. The agency classified the recall as voluntary because manufacturers are cooperating. But Wolfson sought to clear up [...]

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